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My Secong blog

Hey followers or random veiwers come and check it out. This will be my music blog, basically consisting only of information, videos, pictures, and free promos of bands. The music will mostly consist of known or unknown indie pop, electro, or rock. So please come check it out. I just started it so it might not have that much, but it will very soon.

Here is my link: 

 Thank you from - Theunknownisknown

Hey check out this new indie band called Further The Lion. They sound really different and fresh. It’s like a psychedelic chill song. If you like The Xx, Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit , Joan Jett and the Black Hearts- crimson & clover and The White Strips- Seven Nation Army; You’ll be sure you’ll like this song and hopefully just the whole band it’s self. So give it a try and check it out. The link to listen is the post below and/or before this one. Enjoy :)

Check out these undiscovered indie bands! They have a fresh, new sound and are completely different from whats “mainstream”. If you know the bands Cults, Best coast, and Foster the people then you will love these two bands down here. :D Enjoy!

Check out this video on YouTube:

Check out this video on YouTube: